The Leading Edge in Smoke & Fire Containment

At BLE we are continually striving to improve the safety of your world. In the event of a fire, our gravity fail-safe curtains automatically deploy to contain smoke and fire. This slows down how quickly it can spread across a building, crucially allowing more time for safe emergency evacuation.

As a market leading global supplier, we protect millions of people every day. Our cost effective solutions are rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest technical and quality standards, including BS, EN and UL.


Smoke Curtains

Create a smoke reservoir or channel smoke in the required direction as part of a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system (SHEV).


Fire Curtains

Maintain fire compartmentation to limit the spread of fire and create protected escape routes without compromising fire resistance.



BLE’s electronic control systems are designed in-house to ensure compatibility with the mechanical aspects of the product. All our curtains operate on a gravity fail safe basis to ensure the highest level of safety even if the mains power supply has been compromised. Back-up batteries are supplied as standard to allow the system to operate as normal for up to 4 hours in the event of a temporary power outage.



At BLE we are committed to continuous development and comprehensively testing our products to ensure they meet global standards, including British, European and UL.



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