Providing fire compartmentation and protected means of escape with up to 4 hours integrity and 2 hours radiation ratings, BLE active fire curtains are a robust and reliable solution. Manufactured to the highest standards with certification to European, British and UL Standards.

Fire Curtains - RESQ-WINDOW™


The industry's first UL certified vision panel allowing building occupants and first responders to see through fire curtains after deployment, for safer and faster evacuation and elimination of fire.

  • Vision panel assists in faster identification and elimination of the source of fire, helping to save lives.
  • Vision panel allows for safer entry into affected areas of the building and safer evacuation.
  • High-strength material with no surface-flaming or toxic gas release when exposed to fire.
  • Install to any standard fire curtain to provide greater levels of safety to your fire safety systems.
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 1000°C.
  • Offers a minimum three hours of fire integrity (E).
  • Fully UL certified.



The ResQ-WINDOW™ is designed for fire curtains within:

  • Escape routes containing doorways and corridors.
  • Lobbies and Lift-openings.
  • Areas requiring assessment from Fire Marshals and the Fire and Rescue Service prior to entry.

Patent Pending GB 2575746


Fire Curtains - FC8 (BS8524)

Designed to meet the latest BS8524 standard, the FC8 curtain comprises of a glass fibre, stainless steel wire reinforced fabric with a fire-retardant polymer coating. The fabric is wound on to a steel roller, which is powered by an internal 24Vdc electric motor.


Fire Curtains - FC1

Cost effective and reliable, the FC1 is the ideal solution for smaller projects. 

  • Rated at 1000oC for up-to 60 minutes Integrity and 60 minutes Radiation to BS EN 1634-1.
  • Approved for up to 3m width x 3m drop.
  • Exova Warrington - Certifire Certificate of Approval.

Fire Curtains - FC2

The highest performing fire curtain in the BLE product range. The fabric is a woven glass fibre with stainless steel wire reinforcement that ensures it can stand up to the most severe of fires. 

  • Rated at 1000oC for up to 240 minutes Integrity and 60 minutes radiation to BS EN 1634-1 and BS476 Part 22.
  • Approved for up to unlimited widths and 8m drop. 
  • Exova Warrington - Certifire Certificate of Approval.

Fire Curtains - FC4

With increasing demand for fire curtains that can provide radiant heat protection, BLE developed the FC4 curtain. 

  • Rated at 1000°C for up to 120 minutes integrity and radiation to BS EN 1634-1.
  • Approved for up to 7m width x 4m drop.
  • Glass fibre fabric laminated on both sides with heat reflective aluminum foil.

Fire Curtains - HORIZONTAL HC1

In multi-story buildings preventing fire and smoke progressing through stairwells and atrium voids to upper floors can be challenging and may lead to designs being compromised to meet fire regulations.  In response BLE pioneered the development of horizontal fire curtains. 

  • Rated at 1000°C for a period of up to 180 minutes integrity to BS EN 1634-1
  • Approved for up to 6m width and 6m drop.
  • Woven glass fibre fabric with stainless steel wireless reinforcement.

Fire Curtains - ACCORDION AC180

Developed for applications where there are no structural columns or posts to fit side guides at corners. The accordion fire curtain is a folding vertical fire curtain that can be used around atria, escalators, and stairs that will normally remain hidden within the ceiling until deployed. An ideal solution for buildings with large open spaces.

  • Up to 180 minutes integrity to the UL10D Standard.
  • Approved for up to 45m width x 5m drop.
  • Control Systems approved to the UL864 Standard.
  • Variable corner angles available to form non-rectangular shapes. 


BLE provide a range of fire protective curtains that are tested and approved to UL Standards.

  • Up to 180 minutes integrity to the UL10D Standard.
  • Approved for up to 45m width x 12m drop.
  • Control Systems approved to the UL864 Standard.
  • Air leakage approval to the UL1784 Standard.


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