Located in Nine Elms, South West London, the new US Embassy is quickly becoming one of the most talked about developments in recent memory. Relocated from their existing site in Grosvenor Square, the Nine Elms site has been developed specifically to provide a much higher level of security, including bollards, ditches and a reflective pool that doubles as a moat.

Working with main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine, BLE were tasked to supply and install a number of FC1 Fire Curtains for the elevators on each floor of the Embassy. The project presented several new challenges for BLE’s team of installation experts, from the high levels of security onsite, to having to work around the building’s unique architectural design.

Speaking of the project, BLE’s UK Contract Manager Christopher Carratt has said “The new US Embassy project has been one of our install team’s biggest challenge to date & I’m proud to say we were able to rise to it. It is a privilege to work on such a high profile building. Thank you to all involved, we look forward to working with Sir Robert McAlpine again.”

New US Embassy Image Copyright Kieran Timberlake

For more information visit http://www.sir-robert-mcalpine.com

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