BLE Group Control Panels (GCP) can control up-to 6 curtain motors, regulating the deployment and retraction of the curtains. In normal conditions the GCP provides a 24V power supply to the motors and the curtains are held in the retracted position in the head box.


Electrical Configuration Main Electrical Configuration Multi Floor


The Standard GCP includes a test key switch to enable straightforward testing of the curtain without the need for a fire alarm signal. LED indicators on the front of the panel display the status of the Mains Power Supply, Alarm Signal, Battery Charge level and whether there is a fault in the main CPU. There are also options to include a smoke or heat detector connection to replace the fire signal and AV units to signal when the curtain is in operation. 


In addition to the features included with the standard GCP, the multi-function GCP includes a number of extra features and options. The multi-function GCP is supplied with timers for two-stage descent of the curtain, delayed descent and delayed ascent as well as manual override functionality. Optional facilities that can be integrated into the multi-function GCP include Obstruction Sensors and connections to the Building Management System, which replicates the LED indicators on the front of the panel including indication of whether a delay timer of manual override is active. Multi-function GCPs can also be interlinked to enable synchronisation of the operation of large curtains where more than one GCP is required to control more than 6 motors.


The MCC unit controls the operation of the curtain motors. The back electromotive force (EMF) of the curtain motor ensures the controlled gravity fail safe deployment of the curtains.  For longer curtain drops the run timer in the MCC can be set to 90 seconds, rather than the standard 45 seconds, to ensure the curtain retracts fully into the head box. When the curtain has fully retracted the motor voltage is reduced automatically without the use of limit switches. 

Controls - GCP Functionality

When a fire alarm is activated, the contact in the GCP is opened and the power is removed from the motors, which releases the curtains to deploy under gravity in a controlled manner (Gravity Fail Safe). When the fire alarm system is reset the GCP reinstates the 24v supply to the motors and the curtains are retracted to their normal position in the head box. Current limiting circuitry detects when the curtain has fully retracted and the supply voltage to the motor is stepped down to a holding voltage. Motor limit switches are not required.

In the event of a mains power failure the 2 No. 12v 7ah back-up batteries, supplied with the GCP, can maintain full control of the system for up-to 4 hours. If a fire alarm signal is activated during a mains power failure the curtains will deploy in a controlled manner as normal.


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