Wroclaw Glowny (Polish for Wroclaw main station) is the biggest and most important passenger station of the southwestern Polish city of Wroclaw. Built in the mid-19th century near the centre of the city, it is the biggest railway station of Lower Silesia, located at the junction of several important routes.

The renovation was designed to make this impressive structure suitable for 21st century use while retaining its original facade and interior layout, but also to be ready in time to accept the crowds expected for the Euro 2012 foorball championship.

Curtains were required to prevent the spread of fire and smoke into the central concourse from the various retail outlets and store rooms. A simple enough job, but the curtains needed to not impact on the interiors listed status.

BLE Smoke & Fire worked with their local partners and the contractor to ensure full four hour protection and additional sprinklers were installed with minimum aesthetical impact.

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