This huge investment in Mecca will result in 40 residential towers to accommodate 160,000 Islamic pilgrims, and a prayer area for 200,000 worshippers.

More than 600 properties have been approved for the project, which involves constructing two five-star hotels with 935 rooms, and six three-star hotels comprising 1,255 rooms, across an area spanning 244,800 sq m. Residential buildings reaching 20 storeys to accommodate 100,000 people, 520 restaurants and 4,360 commercial and retail units are also being built.

 When finished, the development will have air conditioned plazas for 100,000 worshippers, open courtyards for 120,000 people and a car park that can accommodate 10,000 vehicles.

BLE in conjunction with our local partners from Energy International were asked to design and install fire curtains to be discrete yet provide protection to the buildings and within the requirements of international standards.

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