04 Jan 2018

Product Changes 2018

A new year is now upon us and we're delighted to announce that we are making some improvements to our products in 2018. These will be phased in as our current stock is exhausted so you may not see the changes straight away.

1. Firstly we have renewed our European approvals for our SC1 smoke curtains. This means that all smoke curtains larger than 3m width will now require catching brackets, as per our fire curtains, therefore our SC and FC headbox sizing will now be aligned.

2. Another improvement to the SC1 system is the new flat extrusion. This is easier to install than the old triangular extrusion; it can slide over the bottom bar as normal but it has the added benefit that it can be clipped over the bar if space is at a premium.

3. We have listened to feedback from our customers and will now be providing rear access on all our single headboxes, as standard, for no extra cost.

4. On the fire curtain front; we will be using extended shaft motors to fix the rollers directly to the end caps, instead of using additional brackets.

5. Side guides will in future penetrate the headbox by 10mm. This will align our EU and UL rated products. It should also lead to an easier fit and will mean that there is minor adjustment available on site if required. It also means that we can remove the “V” at the top of the guides, which will improvement curtain deployment.

6. Finally, we will be integrating our enquiry request form (also known as the manufacturing form) into our quotes for greater transparency and speed in processing your order.

As usual, we welcome any feedback and are glad to answer any questions.


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