04 Mar 2020

Lowe & Fletcher Expands into the US Market with a New Manufacturing Facility

The Lowe & Fletcher Group is investing in the USA with the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Norton Shores, Michigan.

Lowe & Fletcher BLE - Smoke and Fire Curtains Manufacturing Facility

Until this investment, Lowe & Fletcher has served its global customer base via manufacturing sites in Europe. Nigel Ward, Managing Director of BLE Smoke and Fire Curtains, part of Lowe & Fletcher’s Fire Safety Division, said “BLE products are trusted throughout North and South America to deliver smoke and fire protection within a variety of buildings from hospitals, hotels and shopping malls to offices, warehouses and residential dwellings.

BLE works closely with testing and certification bodies in all key markets and the new fire curtain manufacturing facility in Michigan further supports this. As a UL-approved manufacturing site, customers are assured that the new facility will deliver the product quality and performance that they rely on. The new manufacturing facility will produce the same range of high performance, trusted BLE fire protective curtains such as the popular FC240 Fire Curtain which is tested to UL10D - Fire Tests of Fire Protective Curtain Assemblies, UL1784 - Air Leakage Tests of Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives, UL864 - Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems and UL723 - Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.”

James Hollingsworth, Group Marketing Director of Lowe & Fletcher, added “The opening of this new facility is a big step forward for the Lowe & Fletcher Group in the USA and we are very excited by the new opportunities this brings. We’re looking forward to continually improving our service to customers across America whilst delivering the same quality standards they have come to trust.”

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