27 Jun 2016

Koncerthuset Sings BLE’s Praises After Winning Concert Hall Contract

Sheffield based BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains has landed a prestigious contract to supply some of its largest ever fire curtain instalments at a concert hall complex in Copenhagen.

Following a long-standing successful relationship with the main contractor Sercurezone, BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains was awarded the project at the Koncerthuset to install eight 120-metre fire curtains in the car park area of the building.

The curtains are some of the largest international instalments that BLE has completed to-date, adding to their well-travelled portfolio having previously worked in locations such as Singapore, New Dehli and London.

Nigel Ward, managing director at BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded such a huge project by our long established partner Securezone. It is another beautiful location for BLE to install our fire curtains and we are pleased that we have been a part of such a historic building.

“It’s always exciting to begin projects in new destinations and the Koncerthuset is a very impressive piece of architecture so it is fantastic to add to our portfolio.”

The Koncerthuset is located facing the Copenhagen Harbour and the large concert complex contains four halls and can seat 1,800 people in the main auditorium.

Home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, the building is an important cultural asset to the surrounding areas.

Nigel added: “At BLE we offer a cost-effective and flexible solution to smoke and fire safety, this is one of our biggest projects to date and we are happy that all parties involved believe that our involvement has been successful.”


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