14 Jun 2016

BLE On Fire

According to LEGO’s company spirit of ‘only the best is good enough’, BLE has proved that it supplies only the best smoke curtains, after landing a contract at LEGO’s headquarters in Denmark.

Sheffield based BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains was awarded the contract with its long term partner Securezone, to install a 60 minute smoke curtain with stainless steel head box  in LEGO headquarters new state-of-the-art grill and kitchen.

The smoke and fire curtain specialist won the contract through a tender process after the client was impressed with the support they provided to ensure the solution met the design requirements.

Nigel Ward, managing director at BLE, said: "We were absolutely delighted to be awarded this contract with our long established partner Securezone.

“It is fantastic to be involved in a project with organisations such as LEGO, it is testament to the quality of our products and we are delighted to see them being used at LEGO’s headquarters. We pride ourselves on protecting millions of people around the world with our curtains so it is great to deliver another successful project in Denmark.”

Nigel added: "LEGO were refurbishing the canteen facilities, which changed the design of the kitchen and required a smoke curtain to be installed. We are happy with the results of the project and believe all the parties are equally satisfied.”

BLE is at the forefront of integrating their Smoke & Fire Curtain products with sophisticated building control systems and have worked in partnership with Securezone in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for the last Ten Years.    


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