16 Dec 2019

BLE Lean Six Sigma Achievement

BLE is celebrating the success of Business Systems Manager - Yildiz Balcioglu, who recently achieved Six Sigma Black Belt status.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology designed to eliminate problems and remove waste and inefficiency for process improvement within a business. The methodology provides a host of benefits including better responses to the needs of customers.

Some problems encountered within business can be complex and require a statistical approach through analysis of data. ‘Lean’ relates to eliminating waste, and ‘Six Sigma’ to reducing range in, for example, lead times and customer response times, order to increase consistency.

Speaking of her achievement, Yildiz explains, “The main role of an engineer is to solve problems; I believe I have added another badge to my engineering career which will help me to solve more complex problems. Ultimately, this qualification will help us take BLE to the Six Sigma level, which is the highest business standard.”

Implementing the Six Sigma approach to our business streamlines our processes and allows us to provide a greater level of customer service through improved efficiency and allowing us to better focus on projects that make the biggest difference to us and our customers.


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