19 Mar 2019

BLE Achieves BS8524 Standard with New FC8 Fire Curtain

BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains are now certified to supply BS8524 compliant automatic fire curtains. Dubbed the ‘FC8’, the curtain has been developed in response to a growing industry need for fire curtains that meet the latest BS8524 British Standard.

Speaking of BLE’s new FC8 curtains, Managing Director Nigel Ward has said, “We’re always excited to extend our product range and the FC8 is no exception. With demand for BS8524 increasing, we believe that our FC8 fire curtain has the potential to become one of our most popular products for years to come, providing our customers with the increased performance they require”.

More details about the BLE BS8524 FC8 curtain can be found in the following FC8 Specification Sheet.


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