The development of a new £430 million hospital to service Bristol and the surrounding area incorporating many existing facilities from the region. 

A complete new build designed by BDP Architects to the highest levels of functionality and utilising the latest technologies. 

BLE assisted from an early stage with BDP architects with the challenging fire and smoke control requirements. In particular the central atrium or “Street” required high specification components to meet the Warrington fire engineer’s strategy. 

The “Street” was surrounded on both sides by high level curtain walling with periodic openings in the form of shallow balconies. These openings were required to provide the same level of fire and smoke control in a fire situation as the curtain walling and in addition the glazing itself needed a simple solution to increase its own integrity. 

Beneath this in the main concourse full smoke protection was required to prevent the atrium becoming a chimney except in locations designated as such and utilising powered extract. 

With the above scope requiring a solution that was compliant, easily maintained and flexible BLE offered a solution to each area. 

In some instances specific and onerous additional tests over and above the international standards were required. 

In other locations standard equipment was utilised in unusual settings to provide a requirement. 

In all cases a tight programme and adjustments backed up with a willingness to undertake additional testing outside of the norm to assist with the design and compliance of the building was readily undertaken by BLE. 

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