When the MIT, a world-leading centre of scientific excellence, commissioned a new Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex the institute selected a smoke protection system from BLE Fire and Smoke Curtains - installed by the USA distributor CYSA Developments.

The new Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex, designed by Charles Correa Associates, is the world’s prime neuroscience centre and a triumph of urban design and engineering. However, the building also posed big challenges for the engineers and architects.

In partnership with CYSA Developments, engineers from BLE worked on the smoke model with Turner, the site management company, and then designed the smoke management system to suit the challenging architecture. BLE’s automatic smoke curtains were used to create smoke zones around the building, incorporating stage descents to ensure protected means of escape throughout the complex. BLE manufactured all of the equipment and supervised the CYSA installation, ensuring that the invaluable research undertaken at the MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex is protected against smoke for years to come.


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