20 Aug 2018

BLE Commits to Improving Customer Service with ISO 9001

Last month BLE was awarded the ISO 9001 standard certification renewal from ISO 9001;2008 to the newly revised standard ISO 9001:2015. This internationally recognized standard ensures that BLE’s services meet client needs through an effective quality management system.

During the renewal, BLE examined all existing systems from design to shipment, identifying the necessary improvements required to create new robust and efficient procedures. BLE will also continue to provide a solid foundation to support the continuous improvement of all its employees, helping to create systematic growth from within the company.

The above changes will not only allow BLE to continue to deliver exceptional service to new & existing clients alike but have also helped to re-engage & re-focus BLE employees towards the core values of the business.

Speaking of the certification, Business Systems Manager Yildiz Balcioglu has said, “The BLE team looked at all the systems and worked towards the goal of how we can improve them. I’d like to thank everyone for all their hard work & dedication during the review period, it has taken us another step closer to our clients, clearly hearing the voice of our customers and adding more value to our products”.


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